The Schurz Food Science Lab is a one-of-a-kind food science program located inside Carl Schurz Public High School.  It's a pilot program supported by the Urban Farm & Eatery with a mission to transform a former unused shop space at the school into an indoor farm & science lab. It's the new era of vocational training translating STEM and modern agriculture into real life skills.  

We've been doing some really fun things at the school and conturing to evolve.  Keep up with what we're doing and ask how you can have a similar program at your school.

Learn all about us here in the short segment on WTTW Chicago.

As you know, Chicago Public School funds are scarce. The project is continuously fundraising. Donations are being sought to pay for the initial set-up and enable students to get hands-on experience in sustainable urban farming, food handling, business development, digital marketing, package design, molecular gastronomy, food science & nutrition.

Some of you may not be able to contribute financially to our cause but we can still use your help! Other ways to help include: 

  • Tell your friends about it and urge them to help
  • Visit the school, our website and commercial urban farms in your area to learn more about what we're doing
  • Support local farming and suppliers that help to sponsor us.

What You Get Out of It

  • This program supports our collective well being.
  • Help solve a global crisis
  • Further this concept that can be scaled to high schools and communities across the country.
  • Bring together a partnership between businesses, community experts and schools to continue innovation benefitting everyone.